A Leading Manufacturer in Car Multimedia Video Interface
Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Double Intelligence Technology specializes in dev­eloping and manufacturing the most advanced, integrated, and user friendly Car Multimedia Video Interfa­ces which have been widely-used in several key regions, where reliability and stability are most concerned.
Over the past years, we have registered numerous patents and intellectual properties which demonstrate our ability to innovate also give us competitive advantages in this vigorous market. This expertise enabled DIT to secure a solid position in this industry.

Bringing Cutting Edge Car Multimedia Video Interfaces to Reality
With more than 17 years of accumulated design experience, DIT has established a worldwide reputation for exceptional domain know-how. Our products have been approved and been widely adopted by world’s major automakers. Furthermore, we have been devoted to supplying quality products and services to sever­al countries, such as Taiwan, China, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand in Asia; Germany and Denmark in Eur­ope; and the most importantly, our market share in the US has significantly increased over the past years.
Our employees have a strong history of pioneering new products and collaborating with customers to deliver critical technology, also together with our strategic partners, we are better positioned to meet our customers’ needs today and into the future.

The Quality, Flexibility and Responsiveness You Demand
Our highly-responsive production team is another reason leading to our success. Our products are manufa­ctured in our ISO 9001:2008 factory where we perform all design, manufacture, QC and packing in-house to turn out CE, FCC, and RoHS approved items. We have been filling volume orders from buyers in Europe, the US and 20 other countries for 15 years. Our flexibility is one of our core strengths and you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Keep Improving Ourselves to Maintain Industry Leading Position
With a continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence, DIT makes the difference by utilizing its decades of industrial experience and heavily investing in R&D capabilities to ensure that we are taking the leading position in this industry. We are posed to offer more diversified products and solutions at higher quality standards to meet specific needs proposed by first tier automakers as well as positively facing challenges in the years to come.